CN Centre


Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • C
    Conrad Jaye
    Food is generally over and serves Pepsi. Does serve beer now though. Parking is confusing after large events and no longer allowed to park on the street. Cool events and lots of pomp during events.
  • B
    Belinda Kissack
    Great place to watch the local hockey team play! I met lots of Cougars fans while waiting to collect our free 50-50 tickets.
  • L
    Lorne Benson
    Great venue, central location. Need patience when leaving their busy parking lots.
  • J
    Jim Potter
    Great arena to catch a WHL game. Good crowd and atmosphere.
  • M
    Matthew Aubry
    An amazing venue for concerts, but especially great as a hockey arena! Cougars games have been an awesome part of my life. Go Cats!
  • R
    Rick Windsor
    WHL Hockey. Fun place. Cool zamboni. Friendly fans. Plenty of parking for everyone!
  • D
    Dave Sivertsen
    Visited for convention and sports events alike. Well kept and friendly. Great arena for Prince George.