Tim Hortons

Coffee Store

Filled out 80%

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  • S
    SlyFox CL
    Can get super busy, not a huge selection of donuts/timbits. Other than that, pretty good
  • A
    April Girard
    I go almost everyday for my morning coffee. This location is mainly a drive through. Walking? Stop in for a refreshment to go. No inside tables so no bathroom. There is a 7-11 across the street for those of you who need a restroom. Love this place :)
  • M
    Mikhayla Caninng
    Pretty good service, it can get really busy which is challenging sometimes. Staff are pretty friendly and chipper.
  • J
    Jason Medcraft
    When u are confronted with a manager who thinks shes Beyonce. Tells you she has completed your order and STILL gests it wrong.... Sheesh. The oatmeal they served me was like it had been re heated after soaking in dishwater...... You have issues..... It seems i need to find a new coffee shop to use.... Since the other Tims on Johnson is ok with Staff putting swastikas in the sandwiches they make. If i could give these two Tims a ZERO it would be too much.
  • C
    Crystal Laing
    Smaller selection than other location, but staff are very quick and friendly
  • K
    Kevin Miles
    long waits in the drive threw, and once your in line.. your stuck. Also avoid it if you have a larger vehicle.