Hollywood 3 Cinema PM

Movie Theater

Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • J
    Jenny Tough
    Quiet and great value. Extra bonus is you can bring your own supper as long as you buy something from the reasonably priced concession. Great!
  • B
    Brandy Burton
    Discount movies!! Win win. Nowhere else can I take my 2 kids to see a movie with snacks for under $25. Love it here.
  • K
    Kevin Dyke
    Great prices friendly service. Great for families. Love this place.
  • J
    Justin Nordal
    An old throwback theatre. No stadium seating, and second run movies mean that if you missed a movie the first time, or want to see it again on the cheap, this is the place to do it. End of each month, the midnight feature show is a blast. Popcorn is delicious.
  • J
    John Barnes
    We went to your cinema last night only to be confronted with a line of people coming out of the door. As your system only allows people to buy tickets at the concession we were unable to buy tickets in time to see the movie we came to see. We walked out after 10 minutes as the movie had already started and we were no where near the front of the line. I see from other comments that this occurs regularly, and Celia thanked some one for feed back. Celia you are not following up, as there were only two staff members that I could see, and it appeared, that one of the girls was just making popcorn. I would gladly pay a little extra to have a ticket office open, as not everyone wants to pay for your overpriced popcorn and drinks.
  • D
    David Vosper
    Good deal... Great value..
  • D
    David Marsden
    Best place to see a first run flick at half-price.