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  • J
    july solie
    my first impression dirty, 0 customer service and what a bloody ignorent owner selling the tickets + clearly has no staff besides what beleive to be his son . first time there after they bought it was decemeber to watch a hobbit movie around x mas it was - 30 and he had no debit no sign saying hey we dont have but then again no apology either just oh well too bad walk some where and get cash great business man doesnt give a crap about customers and when ur paying what u r for the movie popcorn drinks a few ppl is a lot of money .so after showing up early waiting in a long line and having a very rude owner at the front selling tickets and walking to a bank ect get back wait again in line with his one man show which i wouldnt mind if he was actually efficent at ..u now get tickets and the moving is starting cuz it takes a bloody half hr to get tickets then u get to miss the start for drinks ect and enjoy the family business price gouging u can now sit in an ugly theater thats filthy not to mention the owners must be deaf the movie was so frickin loud the four of us wanted to leave as u just couldnt listen to the extreme distortion and crackling sounds hint .. turn it down it sounds terrible and its hurting ur customers ears but i know u dont care as u stated already with the debit. My father is half deaf had hearing damage and he was actually complaining that it was hurting his ears .The previous owner was awsome its really sad they arnt here to run it however id say the words rolling in grave right now . this was 2013 bet my 2014 attempt was better take a freaking guess .. it was not. perhaps that can be shared in my next review thought id share my first time there before i began .