The Mule Night Club

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Filled out 85%

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  • K
    Katherine Fredette
    The actual physical architecture is a very good set up or a club, but out of about 40 people who showed up on a Saturday night, 5 were female and we were stated at alot. Ended up leaving and going to the barking parrot, a bar that had much more dancing than this club. Came back around 1am and it was getting ok on the dance floor, but only because everyone was drunk.
  • T
    Ty W
    Always a fun night at the Mule but they need to update their hours of operation. Cabbed from Summerland on a Wednesday because Google said they were open 10pm to 3am, They were not. Wasted a ton of money on a cab only to find them closed. Please update your info online.
  • R
    Ryan Wiesner
    Great experience as usual at the mule. I was involved in an altercation with a guy trying to cut the ATM line. Bouncer watched the whole thing, was friendly, deescalated the situation and we went on our way.
  • M
    Maxime Leblond
    Rude doormens. Suits cowboys.
  • R
    Rob E
    This place is a joke
  • C
    Cathy Walton
    Drinks are expensive so get as drunk and high as you can before arriving
  • G
    Always a good time