Oliver Theatre

Movie Theater

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  • E
    ethan lacasse
    The bathroom only has one stall, and only has cold water. And the seats are arranged (in my opinion) suboptimaly, so that it is easy for a person sitting in front of you to obscure your view. I also thought the movie was slightly too loud. Other than that, though, this place delivered just fine, and the experience was enjoyable.
  • T
    Tom Szalay
    Great vintage movie theatre. Real buttered popcorn. Modern digital sound and video including real 3d.
  • C
    Chad T
    An amazing theatre. Great Prices. Intimate enough to make it enjoyable!!
  • C
    Craigery Johnson
    The Oliver Theater holds a dear place in my Heart! My Grandfather Owned & Operated it, my Mothers family was raised in it and for the last 30 + years my Uncle and Aunty have Owned & Operated it! Very well might I add!! Once you walk in the smell of popcorn takes over your senses. In the backround the sound of people laughing giggling and in between the house soundtrack playing while the countdown to main show. It always warms my soul to go in to the theater for a movie experience. I am in absolute love with the building, the feeling and the show experience every time. P.S the popcorn at The Oliver Theater is the best I have every had anywhere. Full Digital surround sound with 3d Capability. Only one screen so you know its good ;). Do yourself a favor if you have not already and get to this place to have a really nice evening. Cheers
  • J
    James Knowlton
    Hands down one of our favorite places to watch a movie!!
  • J
    Jackie Brockholm
    Quaint older theater. REAL buttered popcorn.
  • C
    Casey Brouwer