Apple Plaza Walk-In Clinic

Walk-In Clinic

Filled out 55%

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  • Z
    Zsolt Bakó
    85 CAD for zero help, just redirecting to the most expensive doctor in a simple situation. The other doctor quoted 465 CAD for a useless consultation. The doctor who charged 85 CAD here admitted that he is not qualified in this simple matter. Rip off!
  • B
    Bailey Styles
    They had a sign on the door saying they were closing, but since the door was unlocked I popped my head in and they squeezed me in to see the doctor. Wonderful receptionist and Dr. Mackintosh was great; he really listened to me.
  • J
    John Schroeder
    I was fortunate to experience a short wait (15 minutes) on a Saturday morning. I expected a quick visit resulting in a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. Instead, I received a thorough, unhurried and very profession eye check up. The doctor even took the initiative to take a viral swab. I would gladly adopt the Dr as my family doctor. Overall, a far better experience than I would expect from a walk in clinic. Professional all the way.
  • B
    Bernie Milthorp
    Doctors are great. The blonde receptionist could use some much needed people skills.
  • B
    Bill Bidlake
    excellent services,,,information is passed on to your doctor. Highly recommended