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    Jessie Dunlop Art
    Tumbleweed is an awesome little gallery, with lots of beautiful art. Had a great day hanging out with artists Liz Marshall and Jenny Long today :)
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    Lori Hughes
    Excellent service, knowledgeable people , artistic framing, They sponsor many highly acclaimed locally artists . I have used this service for over twenty years best place in town .


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Susan McCarrell is an artist from the South Okanagan, B.C. Eclectic yet focused, her mixed media works are reflections on memory, rituals of life, including celebrations, successes and hiccups. She owns a unique style which is energetic, playful, bound by discipline and tradition. Her art confronts the ups and downs of modern life with connections to similarities of past lives with strong feminine energy.

Using a combination of mixed media, personal photography and historical images, Susan hopes that her work piques an interest in the passage of time and brings the viewer to their own piece of history.

Kirsten paints still life images; fruit hanging heavy on a branch, or in a bowl surrounded by the empty darkness. Her art plays with negative space and unseen tensions: it is something altogether different, exciting and new.

The art of Jenny Long merges the school of abstract expressionism with the act of portraiture. Her subjects are more than an individual simply caught in time. The paint itself becomes just as important as the person it is describing. The language of each painting is heated by emotional, instinctual play with the paint.

Liz’s work is bright and spontaneous, with layers and textures built one upon the other. Liz has been featured in group and solo exhibitions in the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver. Liz is also a member of Art House Penticton and exhibits regularly at Hillside Winery, Penticton, B.C.

The Tumbleweed Gallery is an artist collective. We aim to provide a strong and active voice within the Okanagan Arts community. Since our founding in 1996, the Tumbleweed Gallery Collective has been continually challenging and exploring individual advancement in the arts. Together our members strive to promote and nurture the growth of contemporary art in B.C.

Jan Little Jan Little is a Canadian artist known for her whimsical paintings and illustrations of local flora, fauna and friends. A graduate of Emily Carr University’s film animation department, she has spent the last 15 years expanding her art practice to include several mediums and practices including commercial illustration, design, painting, sculpture and dance. Her work seeks to reveal the reality as she knows it in the beautiful and funny world she sees herself in.

Vikki Drummond is a Canadian Artist with Italian roots. She is based in Kelowna BC, and is the newest member of the Tumbleweed Collective. Her work is abstract, with layers of colour built up, scratched away and painted once more. Drummond keeps painting until the art work feels right.