The Coffee Bun


Filled out 75%

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  • D
    David Wieser
    I simply loved the atmosphere, the friendly staff, the coffee, the sandwiches and most of all the incredibly delicious coffee buns at this adorable little place. I can only recommend to visit them!
  • N
    Been here 4 times now and have had great food and service every time. Their green tea buns are really great
  • B
    Bakhtafrid Panthaky
    Always good. Best coffee ever
  • W
    William Kim
    Cute korean boys working. However, it is important to say the iced coffee was definetly not up to par. Tsk tsk u scrubs. Everything else is good tho, kinda over priced but nice. Korea #1
  • Y
    Youngsung Byun
    I have only been here for the coffee buns, but they are just too good...they have different varieties like cream cheese, maple syrup, nutella, etc...its the best if you go earlier cuz they bake it at the place instead of reheating pre-baked buns!!