Burger King

Fast Food Restaurant

Filled out 80%

Reviews 6

  • H
    Harold Williams
    Went there for whopper Wednesday. So goooood! Staff is alright, this owner/manager who comes in to help on Wednesday is great. Just wish the opened later, considering their competition opens late and at least have 24hour drive thrus and that they are the only BK on the North Shore.
  • R
    Roland Dibb
    dont do the $1.99 nuggets - just dont . service very slow . hashbrown bites tasted funny . they need to change their oil.
  • C
    Connor Mathieson
    Extremely unorganized up front, orders are consistently wrong entered or made.
  • D
    Daniel Isaac
    Website says open til 10pm but closes daily at 9pm. Sign on the door reflects early close but please update your site. We all want that whopper goodness!
  • F
    Fuckface McOrange
    not sure what was in the burger, but i was trippin balls for three hours damn
  • F
    Funny Yuka
    One 1 in Bridgeport and have a walking distance from skytrain