Chicken Restaurant

Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • M
    Milind Shakya
    For what the establishment is, I get what I payed for. To be fair, I did come in knowing it was going to be greasy. So no complains there. Service was fantastic. Loved the high energy staff! Worth the stop!
  • S
    Sina Sadr
    Small room, great staff. The chicken skin was not as crunchy as I would like but the meat was soft and juicy, fries were meh.
  • A
    Angus Lai
    The available seats are quite untidy and dirty. The cashier could be friendlier...
  • D
    Dave Bates
    Upgraded my 2 piece meal to all white but never got credit for the original order. They still charged me full price for the original order and added the full price for the white meat.... Sigh
  • N
    Nafnlaus Einstaklingur
    Bizarrely slow service; decent food.