The Vernon Towne Cinema

Movie Theater

Filled out 70%

Reviews 6

  • R
    Rachel De bouillon
    I love retro. I love the Towne Theatre. The food, even tea. You feel like you have a theatre in your own home. Seated,waiting for your turn to enter the doors and start your experience is so relaxing and fun. Each time you have a new adventure. Check it out
  • H
    Harmona Lautte
    I love the small theatre feel. Way less expensive. The staff here are super friendly!
  • N
    Nick Balducci
    Great old time cinema feel. Would get 5 stars but some seats are in need of repair.
  • D
    Dany Deakin
    Always a great place to go for either a cheap show or one ya missed at the big theatre!!! Cheap nights on Tuesdays and they accept Canadian tire money at the concessions on Tuesdays too!! I also got a stamp card that gives you one free admission after about 8 stamps, wonderful time evetytime!!
  • L
    Leanne Blizzard
    Beautiful theatre, Jerry the owner always remembers you once he has met you.
  • D
    Debra Large
    I love this cinema! Any business which is not owned by a conglomerate, should be supported. I love the feel of the place,the inexpensive prices and the location. No the seats are not as plush as the Galaxy, but they are not uncomfortable. I love supporting local!!! I also love the alternative films shown here!!!!