Serious Coffee South Duncan


Filled out 75%

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  • A
    Angela Plaxton
    There was only two people working and they busted their @$s off, which is hard in them when their line up got so long as it KOODOs to the young girl and older man who held a great attitude and wonderful vibes. Outside could use another table chairs. But over all it was great!
  • B
    Bree Booth
    Tim Hortons Starbucks have nothing to fear from this serious coffee. The service was a joke although the older woman was lovely. They should realize that you can hear them talking about their customers through the drive thru speaker. The smoothie was completely artificial. What did you make it with - kool aid? Just a complete waste of $20. Terrible !!
  • L
    Leo Atkins
    Got my order wrong. When I mentioned it the counter person apologized then disappeared on break without telling the staff to fulfil my order. Made me wait 10 whole minutes to make a latte. Never stopping at this location again.
  • M
    Mitch Payson
    drive through service
  • G
    Glenn Reynolds
    Super friendly couple running the store Sunday am.