Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo

Movie Theater

Filled out 65%

Reviews 5

  • D
    David Choo
    Love the new single full recliner​ seat and at regular pricing. No extra VIP pricing for a great movie experience.
  • J
    Jason H
    The new recliner seating makes me wish every new movie was showing here. Along with the Scene points for free movies it pulls far ahead of Avalon theatre.
  • S
    Samuel Adair
    Good theatre to enjoy a movie in. The seats are comfortable and arranged well. The food is like most theatres, so not much to say there. They do have a frozen yogurt selection, a nice cool treat for the movie.
  • C
    Christwofour J. Peters
    The Full Size Recliners are a great feature
  • M
    Melissa Vasey
    Decent little theatre. Nice to go to every once in awhile.