Filled out 85%

Reviews 7

  • A
    Anton Strong
    Food was as expected but the wait was terrible. Waited half an hour because of two other somewhat late orders. Watched 3-4 cars give up and drive away. Staff getting off shift or going on break just dropped everything. No team spirit.
  • C
    Cyrus Molavi
    Going to this A&W was a deeply uncomfortable experience. Though the food and service were as expected, there were two large screens displaying real time feedback for all to see. We could see the number of happy and sad ratings these poor staffers had received in categories such as cleanliness, friendliness, and warmth of food. We were also free to give our own via a kiosk next to the counter. There was an unmistakable tension in the air, and when a luncheoner got up and left their messy tray behind, eyes of my fellow patrons began moving from mess to feedback screen, as if to will this disharmony into balance. The whole thing gave me the creeps and filled me with shame.
  • M
    Mark Desaulniers
    Around 7pm I gave him Coupon 1 $3.99 mama burger with fries and drink + coupon 2 $4.49 for a double teen burger + coupon 3 $6.50 for teen burger and onion rings. Sub total $14.98 plus tax. Ordered all burgers no onions and double pickle. Total $20.93 so what was that extra $3.38 for? the pickles? Whats the point of the coupons if you just get upcharged at the register.
  • S
    Susan Howard
    The morning staff here are awesome.. great food for a good price... served on porcelain plates with real cutlery... nice touch
  • T
    Thomas Hekl
    Good burgers. Fast ordering at the drive through.
  • T
    Trudy Fossen
    Not even a one star level waited forever for the burgers had run out of onion rings and the place was filthy!!!!
  • G
    Graham Weatherby
    How can anyone beat good old-fashioned A&W Root Beer in a frosted mug?! Takes me back to being a kid and going with the family to one of their drive-in restaurants.