Nanaimo Aquatic Centre

Swimming Pool

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  • N
    Nathan Drew
    Diving boards. I understand that other people rent the pool for swimming lessons and what not. However, rather then rent out a couple of the lap lanes, they shut down the diving boards. 6 people using three lanes (one lane was rented out). When they opened the low board, there was a surge of 3 people, followed very quickly by a large group. The low board stayed busy until they closed it and lessons continued. The lap pool never seeing more then 8 people. The steam room is fantastic.
  • K
    Kent Heggart
    My son and I love to come here together. I always call in advance to see if the dive tank is open. the information is always correct. Like many 5 yr Olds from the neighborhood my son usually knows someone or quickly makes new friends. I sit back and enjoy the relaxing water and smiles from all the the other parents with their children. Great place!
  • M
    Melissa Vasey
    We come here all the time. My son loves it! I think we would live here if it were up to him. The wave pool and waterslide are hits for sure. I like the lazy river. The aquafit classes are often great too.
  • M
    Mia Dolce
    The older staff seem to be racially charged at people and very stand offish! My son is 5 and they want you to stand right beside him by the boat area is completely rediculous! Very inappropriate behaviour from staff