Chicken Restaurant

Filled out 70%

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  • M
    Marta Koszmide
    Floor was slipper as if oily and not cleaned or they cleaned and kept smudging. Washroom smells like smoke and no change table which i see as a good thing
  • B
    Benjamin Wiltshire
    It is abysmal service, I even went in last week and I saw multiple crack heads sitting outside or even inside, just a bad location, one man I saw was taking a crap on the seats, absolutely disgusting.
  • M
    Marcel Leroux
    Chicken I received had no meat on it, it was basically just bones and the meat that was on it must have been sitting in the heater for hours because it was just dry chicken
  • S
    Sharlene Smith
    We will now be going to Brownies down the road. Service is better and chicken tastier. My husband and I have been to KFC numerous times lately over the past 1 - 2 years. The service is getting worse and worse. I am glad to see the crispy chicken back but lately the chicken is way too greasy. The drive thru takes longer than it takes to cook the chicken. Tonite the line went around the building and the lot was full. I think the staff need to all be replaced with some that will actually work the job. I am only giving a star so i can post this. If i could it would be half a star or none at all.