Lions Bay Cafe


Filled out 90%

Reviews 8

  • B
    Ben Auxier
    Nice little coffee shop. They now roast their own coffee, so it is much nicer.
  • J
    James Alexander
    Great potential here & good quality items, but so slow! Often busy here and only one person working hard to handle orders & prep. With an extra staff member this spot would be much more worth a visit.
  • M
    Madeline Hendricks-Clark-LaJoie
    Its okay. Staff is usually (obviously) bored which I get. They go by the same prices as Starbucks, probably to make ends meet when it comes to their business. Food is good But not exceptional. Coffee is coffee. Latte was not strong so get at least a double.
  • L
    Laura E Zepeda E
    We stop by accident. The store has nothing to offer but the cafe is cute and the food is excellent.
  • W
    Warren McNee
    Great food and coffee. Some people complain about the prices, but you are also getting a million dollar view.
  • M
    Martin Palecek
    Great place!! Nice and need service!! Nice coffee!!
  • H
    Heather Paris
    excellent soup and sandwiches, stellar view, ...yes, a tad pricey, but well worth it !
  • O
    Owen Li
    Cozy decor, good coffee, friendly & chatty staff, and on top of that, beautiful coastal sunset. A lovely place to take a break on your trip.