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    Plumber Joe
    Has a smaller selection than toys r us but they have more rarer toys. Prices reflect on the higher end toys. Their kids book selection is very good. You have to watch for their sales which often gives you better value.
  • J
    Jackie MacDonald
    Great toy store! I love coming here to do my Christmas shopping and kids birthday shopping. Free gift wrap, always helpful staff, and good deals if you time it right! Thanks for a great experience today.
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    Jason Lalonde
    The stuff here seems to be geared towards younger (pre-teen) kids, but they have a huge selection of stuff. Tons of books, fidget toys, Lego...etc.
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    Dennis Tee
    Went here with my 3 year old son. Lots of toys for various ages. Educational toys and just straight toys. Playmobil, Lego, books, puppets and many other items. Great place.
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    Grant Woloschuk
    Good selection of neat toys...can be expensive