Timms Community Centre

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    Andrik Moe
    Very nice new community centre. Very clean and modern. The person taking care of the gym Saturday afternoon was working hard to keep the whole place meticulous. The indoor walking track looks really nice too along with the various workout rooms.
  • V
    VON g
    I am considering a gym in Langley closer to my house. I find this location very clean and modern however; front desk personnel do not seem inviting or helpful- I decided that maybe the person was having a bad day and came back a couple months later-Still seemed as though I was putting this person out. I am all about customer service and if these are your front people representing you establishment this can and has been the deal breaker for me. I really hope that someone takes not of this feed back. Thank you
  • J
    Jeremy Baron
    For basketball 20 people maximum is not enough (this was during the 16+ monday night basketball). My friend I were left outside the gym while 16 people played 2 games of 4 on 4 while another 4 kids just sat dribbling on the side. for a gym session of 2.25 hours no one is going to play 5 on 5 continuously for that long. Please consider letting a few more people in for substitutions. Apparently 30 was too much, maybe try 24 or 26 just so there could be substitutions. Everyone should be organized into a game during this ages 16+ time frame.
  • S
    Stephanie van Beusekom
    Friendly staff and amazing new facilities with some great programs! Would love to see more homeschooling programs and leniency for games room during the day.