Chicken Restaurant

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  • K
    Keith Miller
    i am an out of province truck driver...i called for delivery from 3.7 km away and was refused delivery....the new canadian on the other end was very rude...i do not recomend going here...i do recomend having them put out of business for being stupid enough to hire very rude employees.
  • S
    Steve Messervier
    Went here after our first choice was too busy. This KFC was old (not updated in years) greasy and the Chicken quality was not even 2nd rate...unfortunately all KCF chicken is low-grade chicken now. French Fries are terrible as always (not crispy, rather soggy...limp and boring)
  • J
    Jeremy Hood
    Decent service. Reasonable price.
  • C
    Fountain pop was warm and there was no ice. Gravy was as thin as milk and had almost no flavour. I get a KFC hankering now and then and this was just very disappointing for my rate visit. Go to the 152 and Fraser Hwy one instead!