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Introduction. Back pain may occur in any age and may have one of the hundreds of reasons like strain in muscles or ligaments, arthritis, osteoporosis, bulging or ruptured disks etc. Irrespective of the reason, back pain is unwelcome as it not only creates discomfort, but also lowers your efficiency.

Available Treatments. There are number of treatments available for back pain including medication, cortisone injections, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), osteopathy, yoga, shiatsu, acupuncture etc. Massage is one of the most commonly used treatments and is also the most underrated.

Types of Massages. Massage, when done well not only relieves pain, but also reduces stress and improves the mood of the person. There are many types of massage; each catering for specific requirement; a trained practitioner will suggest the right massage after diagnosing the problem. Following are the most commonly used massages:-

1.) Swedish Massage Therapy. This is the normal massage given in wellness clinics, gyms etc. The therapist will apply oil and massage in five different strokes2.) Hot Stone Massage. Usually basalt round stones heated with water are used to give massage to specific parts. It relaxes the body muscles and tendons.3.) Aromatherapy Massage. It is the Swedish massage in which scented oils extracted from flowers are premixed with the massaging oil.4.) Shiatsu. A Japanese dry massage in which the therapist applies pressure at specific points using his/her finger, hands and elbows to give acupuncture treatment.5.) Deep Tissue Massage. Deeper tissues are targeted by using slow repetitive strokes to address chronic back pains.

Conclusion. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems faced by persons of all ages. It should not be overlooked. While there are different types of treatments available for the back pain, massage is arguably the best, but make sure it is performed by a professional who has qualified from a proper massage course.

Taking time- out in a new environment will allow escaping everyday pressures and regular working week to rejuvenate and kick start the next day routines with more energy. Perceiving an extensive range of spa treatments for hands and nails to feet and toe brings about an extensive effort to stress busting and makes skin looks much younger. The crystal healing remedies to facials, waxing and tanning can eradicate all the scars and wrinkles upon face and body and detoxifies. Experiencing Spa service is memorable and comfortable.All the treats ,pamper senses which make a lady feel look refreshed, awakened and reinvigorated.

Eyes are considered as windows to the soul and also the first to view aspect on face.Well shaped brows frame the face and good finishing of eye lashes gives sensual sooty look.Also suitable lusture is regarded with respect to the age and requirement.

It is a therapy which involves application of pressure over feet and hands with specific thumb finger and hand techniques without any lotion or cream as it is asserted that image of the body is reflected on hands and feet.

Now a days latest spa cities are wellness clinics which proves to be more relaxative and have experts for life style management activities and stress management activities.If the spa has combining traditional methods with latest recommendations and adding experience advices then its gonna be a reset to balance our lives.