Ksan Historical Village and Museum


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    Lorraine Holder
    Beatiful spot to visit..dont miss this village..enjoy the history
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    Jenn Robinson
    Beautiful and one of a kind!
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    Alfred Schaefer
    totem poles, mountain views, rivers meeting... this my jam
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    Rita Bradamanti
    Una ricostruzione niente di più. Il museo è una stanzino... Potrebbero fare di più la cultura indiana è molto più varia!


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1500 High Level, Hazelton, BC V0J 1Y0, Canada
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Found within Gitxsan Territory, Ksan Historical Village stands where the village of Gitanmaax has existed for centuries. It is the desire of Ksan to preserve and truthfully portray the lifestyle of the people who have always lived here.

For centuries and possibly millennia, Gitxsan’s have maintained communities at important canyons and junctions on the Skeena River. This location was an important fishing site and transportation hub.

As a replicated ancient village, ‘Ksan illustrates many features of a Gitxsan village from the distant past. For example, like its predecessors, ‘Ksan’s houses form a single line with each building facing the river. From this position, the large decorated house fronts and totem poles of the village are visible from the water. In conjunction with other features, such as the smoke house and food cache, ‘Ksan illustrates characteristics typical of a past Gitxsan village.