Dawett Fine Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurant

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  • G
    Garreth Mawdsley
    I am an enormous curry fan, I seek out curry restaurants whenever I travel. Sadly, the curry here was unbelievably disappointing, I ordered a Vindaloo which is supposed to be very rich and spicy with aromatics from cardamom turmeric cumin and coriander. I even asked for it to be made hot. What I was given seemed more like microwaved tomato soup. A pleasant interior though, pretty comfortable. Come on guys, step your game up.
  • D
    Darlene Dina
    the servers were very snobbish. the food is overpriced for a very small serving. not really authentic indian taste. not coming back, sorry.
  • S
    Simran Atwal
    Worst experience ever. After reading reviews online I ordered food for my guests with high expectations. I spent nearly 200 dollars on 6 dishes that were not fully cooked or even filled to the top. Not only did I get ripped off but my order appeared to be sloppy and rushed. My guests that ate the lamb curry got sick. When I respectfully called back I was hung up on and told that they do not do refunds. I paid the manager a visit in person the following day and showed him pictures as proof but he argued back rather then sincerely apologizing. The waitresses present also seemed quite unimpressed with the way he was behaving as it was not professional at all. I have tried many indian restaurants and by far this has been my worst experience with indian food. Unsatisfying food and terrible customer service.
  • N
    This was my first and last time eating at Dawett. They are incredibly cheap and they do not care for customer satisfaction. We paid an insane amount of money for this food and we were very disappointed. We ordered enough food to feed a lot of people but when we got it the bowls of curry were barely full. Only 1 out of the 7 bowls was full. We called them right away, they put us on hold and then hung up on us. Then we called again they told us to calm down and that they will talk to us tomorrow. The following day we spoke to them again and the manager asked us to come into the restaurant. We went in and instead of apologizing for not giving us enough food he told us that hes "sorry for giving us extra" because he claims that they gave us more then their standard portions. He was extremely rude and so were the workers. We will NEVER be ordering food from Dawett ever again. I do not recommend eating at Dawett.