Cineplex Cinemas Aberdeen Mall

Movie Theater

Filled out 80%

Reviews 8

  • A
    Alex Ortwein
    Avx theater is really good, comfortable seats great sound. The regular theaters are crazy loud, almost uncomfortably so.
  • J
    Jared Coe
    I rarely take my children to the theater anymore for the fact we must watch over 25mins of senseless commercials and ads that have nothing to do with the film. But I did last night for a movie they wanted to see. Even my kids were complaining about when the movie was actually going to start. They even started making bets with each other that it was going to start after the next ad, and eventually stopped after the 10th or 12th one...only to be followed by 15 to 20 more...(even the same ad more than once) and the worst part they were the ones who said we should have just stayed home and waited for the movie to come out. THAT WAS FROM AN 8YR OLD and a 10YR old. This has gotten so ridiculous. Movie was great. But even a child knows when they are being subjected to garbage. Buy a mini van, Buy a car, Buy a truck, Buy another mini van, Join this club, join that club, Change banks, ect ect ect...Kids were more disappointed than I was. What does that tell you?
  • J
    Joe Dondaneau
    Absolutely terrible theatre that was poorly designed and implemented from the day it opened. The design funnels people through a massive line up at the concession that is always overcrowded at popular show times. The theatres themselves are always a mess and the sound in most of them is way to loud and the treble is so far up it sounds terrible in most cases. Unless I have free movies with my scene points I stay away from this theatre at all costs, I would rather wait and watch it at home.
  • C
    Chad Purdy
    Pretty good. 7 or 8 cinemas, 3d. Reserve seating. Lots of parking.
  • K
    Krishna Lakkineni
    Friendly staff and service. Love the new UAVX 3D.
  • T
    Trevor Milne
    Been doing a lot of upgrades. Just too bad movies are so terrible these days.
  • J
    Jaime Wotherspoon
    Best theatre in town. Very clean and comfortable
  • K
    Kev B
    best cinematic experience in some time. well managed and it shows, as the place is always exceptionally clean...every where in the building.