Norkam Health Centre

Medical Clinic

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    Stephen Pushak
    Due to an acute shortage of medical doctors for rural areas of BC, it is difficult to get a walk-in appointment. This clinic is, in my opinion, doing the best they can. Doctors come here from far away to help even though this is a personal inconvenience. The staff were professional and courteous during my visit. I am sympathetic to others who visit this clinic and who faced delays; I will not venture an opinion concerning the policy not to prescribe narcotics at this location. If I had one recommendation, it would be to primarily take appointments for the morning prior to noon and then only take appointments for the afternoon at noon thereby reserving a block of time for later in the day patients. There are other alternative nurse practitioner alternatives and clinics however these are also over-utilized. Unfortunately, the clinic will be closing the walk-in portion although the family practice will continue. The root cause of our medical crisis is political and ideological. We all must do our part to take social, ethical and political responsibility for action. Thank you people, one and all.
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    Rage vader
    There very friendly, helpful and understanding. They all have nice smile and work really hard, even though it takes time for your appointment to start or you get there early and there ready for you. I find that this clinic is really great, welcoming and very helpful for me and them
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    Shawna Linn
    I dropped my kids off early at school...raced to the clinic to see if I could get an appointment. It was full at 8:20am. So I waited until 10:30. Called 50 times until somebody finally answered. Only to be told that if you have a family doctor in town you are not allowed to pre book appointments! My family doctor is on holidays for 2 although I am a tax paying citizen...I have to somehow wait in line at 7am praying to get in to see a doctor for Strep throat? Or go to emergency. That policy favors people without doctors over people who cant wait for 2 weeks to get into their family physician? The person on the phone was rude, ignorant and didnt care about my circumstances at all. If it werent for tax payers there would not even BE a clinic there! This clinic is a joke. A bad joke.
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    Terry Ternes
    Appointments fill up fast, but that is not their fault. The doctors diagnosed my condition quickly and professionally.
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    Christine Whiteeyes
    Very rude n arrogant staff...last i checked this is canada...not a hitler camp...n those women that work in there look so ugly with their cold hearts..towards sick people...n children...its a good thing creator watches all humans..n sad but true even the unhuman ones n thats those women working at that norkam walk in..