Colombo Lodge


Filled out 85%

Reviews 7

  • J
    Jennifer Glover
    Great facility. Roberta is amazing. Highly recommend.
  • B
    Brigitte Dorey
    Beautiful venue and amazing food!
  • S
    Scott Hatfield
    Beautiful facility.
  • A
    Alex Passini
    My wife had her company Cmas party here, the music was good, the food not so good.
  • K
    ken rosadiuk
    Beautiful venue for trades conference
  • R
    Riley Clow
    I had my wedding reception at the Colombo Lodge in Kamloops. Everything went smoothly, from the planning to the execution. The food was excellent, the service was superb and the Hall itself was a great choice. Thank you to the Colombo Lodge and their staff for making it a wonderful stress free event!
  • M
    Mark Coupe
    They host a lot of great events.