Tournament Capital Centre

Recreation Center

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  • J
    Jules LaRue
    I love this place. My sons love it more than me I think. I have been here more than them, so I think the magic of the place has left somewhat for me because of that. My sons live in Williams Lake, where the pool facility is smaller so its a real treat for them to attend with me at this facility. There is a fitness gym, and an indoor track, and an outdoor track, and a stadium. The parking lot seems small sometimes as this is a pretty busy place most of the time. The change rooms are big, and lots of family change rooms as well. Its a little pricey, but its a great facility for sure.
  • N
    Nate Siebert
    LOVED the facilities, but there was no place to park our minibus nearby during our sport tournament. But the facility is gorgeous.
  • K
    Karen Laye
    My little one loves the pool. Just wish there was a better baby/toddler pool. 3 kiddos and 3 parents take up all the space.
  • J
    Jody Trandana
    Pros: Nice staff (most of them) Dumbbells go up to 180lbs Cons: Flamboyant wrist bands Waiting in line every day Renovations Parking I think they do child sacrifices to Lucifer also
  • K
    Krishna Lakkineni
    Most affordable place in town to get some excersise. Pool gets busy certain times of the day.
  • B
    Brenda Duggan
    The gym has a decent variety for workouts but the equipment is not always in good repair and some machines awkward for beginners with no one offering to help.