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452 - 730 Cottonwood Avenue, Kamloops, BC V2B 8M6, Canada
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 The North Shore Community Centre Society is a charitable non-profit society that is located in Kamloops, BC and is considered the Heart of the North Shore in Kamloops for many. The purpose of the North Shore Community Centre Society is to “relieve loneliness and isolation of the aged or to improve their mobility and fitness by establishing, operating and maintaining a senior citizen’s centre to provide recreation, education, cultural activities and other programs for senior citizens.” We host many activities for seniors as well as the general community. Our Community Events are always open to the public; we welcome all ages and nationalities, and our building is wheelchair accessible. We are proud to be located within the Cottonwood Manor Complex, a senior’s residence that has received multiple awards from the City of Kamloops for their landscaping.

Annual Membership at the North Shore Community Centre is only $15.00 and not only helps the Community Centre with operating costs, but gives you a voting voice at Annual General Meetings, allows you the opportunity to volunteer as a board member, and entitles you to discounts to many of our regular activities. Contact the office at 250.376.4777 for more information, or email 

The Board of Directors consists of 9 members voted in every year at the Annual General Meeting by the members present. This board works with the manager to ensure that all events and activities are running smoothly at the North Shore Community Centre and to make sure that the community centre is always moving forward in its goal to serve the community at large.

The concept of the North Shore Community Centre began in 1994 with the proposed construction of Cottonwood Manor, founded by NorKam Seniors Housing Cooperative Association. Having a community centre on the premises was a mandate of the City of Kamloops in order to build a seniors housing complex. The community centre was originally founded under the Lacey Seniors Society. In 1997 the Lacey Seniors Society released their hold on the community centre due to lack of funding, and a new organization was born. The North Shore Community Centre Society officially opened the doors to the North Shore Community Centre on October 30, 1997.