Pan Am Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

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  • R
    Ray Tracy
    Disgusting. Only restaurant on Northern Healths web site with a high hazard rating. Food tastes like it was made last wk and reheated. EVERYTHING is mushy. Used to be good, but I think it was sold. Avoid!
  • T
    TA Mason
    Service was very good and food was even better. The chow mein is very tasty. We recommend this restaurant to anyone coming to Prince George. Thumbs UP!!!
  • D
    Don Morris
    The service was very good,the food was the worst Chinese food I have ever eaten. The beef and tomato Lo Mein comprised chow mein noodles burnt to barbed wire,the sauce was tomato soup with sugar added, the chow fun was covered by a sauce that resembled fish slime and the beef looked and tasted like it had been boiled, not stir-fried. I love Chinese food,have eaten in dozens of Chinese food restaurants all over Canada, even small towns on the Prairies, this restaurant was definitely the worst food I have ever had. They packed the leftovers for us, we threw it into a garbage can on the way home.
  • B
    Ben Dillon
    Awesome food,delivered to me rite in the hospital. Awesomely awesome
  • T
    Located on an unassuming, small street in a section of Prince George where one is more likely to get their tires changed or pick up parts for an "industrial" project, Pan Am is a real diamond in the rough. Despite its small and kitchey presentation, the restaurant owners are friendly and offer a familiar, easy-going atmosphere. Most importantly, Pan Am has an alternative Chinese menu with authentic dishes. These items are listed in Chinese, but the owners are happy to help you in choosing items. They even gave us a bowl of winter melon soup to try out - on the house!