Sungod Recreation Centre

Recreation Center

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    The pool is amazing! My nana goes here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They have a current pool, (It pushes you around) 2 regular pools, a pool for swimming laps, and a hot tub. The change rooms have plenty lockers, but not very many changing stalls. The change rooms have hair dryers, bathrooms, showers, and outlets for hair curlers, hair straighteners, etc. There is a place to recycle used batteries, a spacey lobby, and much more. Have a nice time!
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    Prashant Bisnauthsing
    Awesome gym. For one drop-in fee, you can enjoy the gym, pool and gymnasium. They have lifeguards on duty all the time which is awesome.
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    Sandra Caster
    great place. they have 5 swimming pools and sauna and steam room as well, plus a coffee and juice bar. its great to go for a work out too, big place for of equipment.
  • K
    Kendra Oliver
    I think sungod is a good place to have fun and hang out with your family!