Filled out 80%

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  • X
    Hey A&W. Your food is Very Excellent. But Breakfast is 1000,00% Great. If you keep up the good work. I will give an extra 20$. Good job on the food. Good job on the Pop and onion rings.
  • K
    Karen Morissette
    I love all A&W burgers.Every burger has the same size patty(1/4 lb) of beef.The beef has no hormones or steroids.That also goes for the eggs.Grain fed chickens.A&W always holds their employees and their food to the highest standards for the fast food industry.
  • A
    Like that they serve 100% canadian beef with no antibiotics.
  • M
    Mark Adye
    Good burger, Great service!
  • S
    Simon Hardy-Francis
    Tried to find a cute looking non chain cafe without luck and ended up here. This is some what dated and in need of renovation. It has a very loud something in the kitchen which would drive me crazy if I worked there.
  • G
    Gordon Lutz
    Awesome food, great service.