Dairy Queen

Ice Cream Shop

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  • T
    Tina Clark
    Ice cream is always great but always dirty tables and floors. New renos look fantastic but walls still have drywall dust and hand prints from install which was a few months ago and place still looks like it needs a good clean. Not sure why all Dairy Queens seem to be like this. Staff is young but pleasant. Sometimes look like they need more direction.
  • D
    Daxter Granlin
    This location has terrible service. Always supper slow, have easily waited over 20min for food on several occasions. Staff are poorly trained and managed as food quality is incosistent. Last time I was there the food came out cold after waiting 20min and when discussed with supervisor the response was "So what do you want me to do about it. We ended up getting refund and leaving.
  • K
    Karolee Garlock
    Bottom bun was very hard, mustard was dolloped in one spot. Service was good.
  • A
    Aaron B
    Counter staff seem to regret their life choices. No smiles, no welcomes. Seems like they just want your orders they can return to hating everything


+1 250-478-3722
2205 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 1W8, Canada
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