Filled out 85%

Reviews 7

  • R
    Rita Omogolor
    Just an OK place for a quick grab and go
  • M
    Marleen Beckham
    Absolutely disgusting. First time I went there, no one was wearing hair nets, staff were smoking outside, I saw a kitchen staff drop tongs and then pick them up and put them back on the counter, the staff looked sloppy and the kitchen floor was covered in garbage. The front girl was nice, and there was a couple customers, but not busy at all, and all I could see was this old lady with red short hair ( I assume the manager? ) yelling at the staff for the reason and cussing. She was not wearing a hair net and she did not wash her hands after she was done touching her hair. I ordered a English muffin sausage and egger with no butter and a hash brown. When I arrived home (in metchosin) I opened the bag and could immediately smell mold or something rotten and when I looked at my sandwich it had holes and mold on it. I was absolutely appalled. I threw it away after taking a picture of it and went to my hash brown which I thought since they deep fried it nothing would be wrong but when I took it out of the package it had nail markings in it. I am never going back to that restaurant again. It seems the only one I can trust to not get sick on is the tillicum location. You guys need to get your food saftey/ health inspector in there.
  • S
    sean graves
    I enjoyed my experience here as I came in with a person that had some special requests. They were very understanding and flexible. :O)
  • D
    Deb Irving
    Egg and cheese on a 7 grain bun with an extra egg. Perfect.
  • R
    Ryan James
    Normally I enjoy their burgers last time here I found they had put too much seasoning on their meat and it tasted way too salty.
  • A
    Andrew Sturrock
    Drive though took over 20 minutes to get food. Staff was not properly trained
  • L
    Lorna Jacobs
    Food is decent. I have always received good service here