Chilliwack Heritage Park

Event Venue

Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • T
    Telina Billinghurst
    Always have a great time hear just wish there were more events here
  • L
    Louise Gray
    Nice big facility for horse shows.Went here for " The Mane Event" October 22-23.This particular event is great except for the 17 dollar entrance fee,seems to go up every year.Plus the Saturday evening show was awesome but short.Was good they cut out some of the things but should be replaced by new fresh acts. Conviently located close to the freeway! But do Not leave valuables in or on your vehicle here,high theft area! We had our Eight drop trailer hitch stolen off our truck while here.Also parking lot is like a wash board.
  • N
    Naomi Kragh
    Went to the "All About Christmas Expo" last week. Had a great time. Lots of great vendors and did some Christmas shopping.
  • C
    Cody Chance
    Host a ton of great events. Spacious, lots of parking, good location.
  • A
    Alan C
    An excellent "show" fascility
  • J
    Julia Byrnes
    Nice big venue. Of you have breathing issues stay out of the main building. Dirt floor has musty smell. Also parking lot is gravel so can be a problem for wheelchair.
  • H
    Herbie Kennedy
    Went there with my buddy to watch some motorcross racing, was pretty neat and been there before for a dog show.