Desi Turka Indian Cuisine

Indian Restaurant

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  • R
    Riley Feenan
    Great customer service and lovely enviorment. Food is awesome, will definitely be coming back! I recommend anyone that is craving authentic Indian cuisine, Desi Turka is the place to go!! Thank you guys. See you soon.
  • I
    Inder B
    Awesome! Go a few times a week
  • S
    Surekha Prasad
    RUDE WORST SERVICE after a bad experience.Ive ordered from this place 2 or maybe 3 times before the last two times i ordered the Chana Masala it was ok not much chick peas in it at all makes with potato and preety much is just mush however I thought I`d give it another go today along with Fish Pakora. This was my first meal of the day anyhow i ate the fish and then not even a hour i found my self in the hospital throat eyes ears starting to close up long of the short after a few hours i called THE MOST RUDEST lady stating that `` do you think we have anything else better to do than to hear your complaint. The the male Indian owner i was calmly telling him about the food and that i was going to back tomorrow for a refund he didn`t ask how i was just said totally got defensive he starts on by i need a docters report and the pîcture of the hospital bracelt just going off like a selfish self centered person. Bottom line when you own a business not only do you have keep the food on point but the personality and service that goes with. These days with technology will not only do you good but could be your worst enemy for business. Get some coaching on how to speak to your customers. I`ll be seeing you tomorrow for a refund and you will seeing a health inspector Thanks
  • B
    Bryan Irving
    The food is always great, and the people are all very nice. Have had delivery/ pickup many times, and will many more.
  • N
    narendra singh
    So good! Best Indian food in the lower mainland. I recently came from India a year ago and honestly speaking, this is authentic Indian food! Love love love, my favourite place to go