First Choice Chinese

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • M
    Malcolm h
    Very overpriced by almost 30% for take out food. Never busy . Only good menu is the chicken balls which that too is very overpriced. Go to New Lakeview restaurant on 7765 6th street near edmonds and 6th for better chinese food that is much cheaper and bigger portion including more authentic. Im a Caucasian guy who lives near edmonds and kingsway and sadly no good restaurants on kingsway especially this chinese restaurant thats being reviewed.
  • E
    Emmanuel Avila
    I give it a 2 star, good food, mixed up my order though, also delivery guy was VERY rude
  • D
    Dustin Goetz
    Worst egg foo young Ive ever had. They dont even serve it with sauce. My german grandma makes a better foo young. I gave it 3 stars because the other stuff was ok & the portions are large.
  • R
    Robin Monks
    Had a combo plate, the chop suey managed to have 2 thin pieces of beef in it, the sweet and sour pork was tough and largely flavourless, the egg roll was solidly meh and the rice was flavourless. Would not recommend their food at all.
  • J
    Delivery was fast and friendly. Pretty good taste and price. I liked them until they brought chicken chow mein when I had ordered vegetable chow mein.