Cineplex Cinemas Abbotsford and VIP

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  • C
    Carlos Vidal
    My wife was not allowed in to a VIP movie with only a passport. Apparently they think they are better than Canadian customs and require more ID than necessary to even enter the country. We had to drive all the way home to get a credit card to get inside. Ruined our night out with friends and made us very late. A passport is the king of all IDs and should trump all others. They need to re-evaluate their policy.
  • G
    Graham Thomson
    Took the family for the Lego Batman movie. It was the first time for the kids and they loved the experience. The experience was great and everyone had a good time.
  • P
    Palvinder Gill
    We order nachos in the VIP and the menu states corn, tomatoes on there. Our nachos only had cheese and jalapeños on it. And we ordered the guacamole for $2 extra. We were given a tiny little container of it. Wtf. Not impressed. Also our drinks were made incorrectly.