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    Iain MacDonald
    Expensive, small screens on most theatres, mediocre audio at best, often full of terrible movies rarely showing anything but the widest releases, expensive concessions... more expensive than premium VIP theaters in most cities while offering a lower quality viewing experience than third rate dollar theaters. Long concession lines that you are now required to wait in because there are no other places to buy tickets. Poorly designed building resembling a converted warehouse despite the fact that it was purpose built. Exit signs glow across edge of some screens. Acoustics not considered. Seating of acceptable quality although some theatres seem to have very limited slope, rear of theaters should be at higher elevation. Parking can be difficult on busy nights. The old Fort Theatre had 10x the character, this place is ugly and aging quickly. One major positive is that it is now the only theatre in town so you can take solace in the fact that you never had any option in the first place. They seem to be well aware of this fact. Popcorn is acceptable quality when available, no other concessions here aside from packaged candy and sodas. If you go Tuesday for cheap night you may be able to convince yourself that you are receiving fair value, provided you arrive hydrated and nourished. I have spent a fortune here over the years so I will concede that it is still better than watching at home, unless you have a luxurious home theater.
  • W
    Wana Kajimo
    It may be abit old, but it is ok. The acoustics are not the best, but they do the job, has an ok screen.
  • S
    Shannon Thompson
    The only movie theatre in McMurray with dingy gross washrooms, tiny theaters, and staff that take 10+ minutes with each customer while only having two tills open. Coming here is the worst movie experience and unfortunately the only movie experience in town..... I wish management would step up, maybe do some renos and make the theatre more bearable to be in.
  • M
    Michael Scott
    Only cinema in town . It does the job the building is showing its age . The staff are good . The concession line moves at a moderate speed . Prices are comparable to a cinema in the city only you are offered way less for you money . Seats are small.
  • C
    Connor Walker
    Theater was freezing and the screen had a dent in it kept drawing my attention to it.

+1 780-791-6610
10015 Manning Ave, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2C2, Canada
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