Joyland Theatre

Movie Theater

Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • T
    Tyler Harper
    This theatre is small and takes you back to when movies were an event. My favorite features of the theatre are the balcony, (no kids allowed) the excellent popcorn, and the curtain over the screen. It is our little taste of nostalgia in a small town. Just a word of advice: go to the bathroom before you leave the house. The theatre has some, but they are tiny.
  • C
    Colin Gillespie
    Charming little one screen small town theater. Great service and reasonable prices.
  • M
    Mike Radlin
    The wife and I enjoy going there all the time. The new owners are great and very friendly.
  • R
    Ron Mcleod
    awesome feeling old school love it
  • M
    madelaine birkinshaw
    Old owner were terrible. But now with new ownership great service and ok prices.
  • C
    chrystal friesen
    Good prices. Friendly
  • J
    Jean T
    Small town service, big city sound and screen. Old fashioned prices! Making going to a movie affordable again! Joyland theatre has all the latest movies but without the lineups and high prices and the 40 minute drive into Calgary. Big screen, comfy seats and excellent popcorn!