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    Samantha Machado
    We had a taxi come and pick up one of our patients at FYIDOCTORS today (Monday April3rd.) The cab driver walks in, says "someone called for a mobility bus" We figure out which senior patient it was, and we asked for 5 more minutes as he was not finished with his purchase in the clinic(and did not finish because of this driver). The cab driver refused, said he would be leaving the man here and doesnt know when he will be back. Our patient rushed to get his coat, the cab driver then, came back into the office not even a minute later and asked where he was. Im not sure why he was calling himself "a mobility bus" when he drives a cab. He was very unprofessional, and we will be calling other cab companies for our patients if this is what service they provide. Cab number was 204
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    toni farhat
    I have only dealt with them once, but the guy who drove my friend to the airport was awesome. He even called me back in Saskatchewan to let me know my friend made it safely to his destination. The driver went Above and beyond for sure. I really appreciated that call, and it was totally unexpected. Thanks for the excellent service.
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    Haaris Karimullah
    Best service... great people that care about their business. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends and family!! Thanks Baseline Taxi!!!
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    Alec Varley
    Garbage taxi service, pretty sure the guy thought we were wasted so he drove 85 on the Henday from Sherwood Park to 111th. Pretty sure he ran the company as well.
  • D
    Dan Wilson
    I have cabbed for over 11 years in sherwood Park and never have i had a better experience than ive had with baseline taxi. Not only are they a flat rate company but there service and friendliness outweigh all other cab companies combined. with my experience i have has some minor issues like others where i am having trouble getting ahold of them or the cab may run a few minutes late but they are always quick to appologies for any issues or delays. i persoanlly go out of my way now to only go through baseline taxi as they are the best cab company in the park thats truely cares about their customers.i highly reccomend you all attempt to use this cab company especially for their flat rates to the city and the airport. phenominal people in this company!
  • E
    emily Lander
    Worst cab company in Sherwood Park. Low quality vehicles, never on time, and their phone line will suddenly be unreachable. I would not recommend this cab company to anyone.