Country Side Golf Club

Public Golf Course

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  • E
    EA Sailor
    Nice staff. Well maintained. A lot of beginners play here which can be slow and lacking in basic etiquette such as letting others play through or join up. They have the woodlands for seniors and women but unfortunately they also play the 18 courses. Eagle run just down the road and next step up.
  • T
    Tom Depner
    Very good track, especially for the price. Maintained very well. Staff is friendly & helpful, great for all ages & abilities. look forward to playing lots of rounds this year also. Played 20 rounds last year. Always in good shape.
  • M
    I have been playing there for 30 years. They have improved the course tremendously over the years. It has wider fairways but still a challenging course. Very friendly staff.
  • C
    Cam Stewart
    Beautiful course! Very well maintained. The staff and management are very friendly. Great place for any level of golfer to go play. Defintely will be making this my go-to regular course.
  • B
    Brian Nguyen
    Friendly staff, decent rates, and excellent practice facility. Not much to complain about here. Lots of mosquitos at night.
  • R
    Rodrigue Boudreau
    The only one for me.