Panda Express

Chinese Restaurant

Filled out 75%

Reviews 5

  • C
    Double charged me after I told them my debit went through the first time. Came in the next day to prove it, would take 3 days to process a refund, and wanted photos of my bank statement and credit card and it needed to be faxed in! Management obviously does not trust in store employees to make a smart call. Nobody in the right might is handing over that much information.
  • T
    Trevor Dool
    I am not very adventurous as to have tried a lot of the menu but what I and my family have eaten it has been simply awesome. I usually go "fried rice and double orange chicken". Clean facility and friendly staff.
  • B
    I love that I can just order online and pick it up in drive thru! Great service and the orange chicken is amazing!
  • C
    Christy Cannan
    Long wait in line, longer wait to pay for order due to staff leaving on break just at the beginning of a line up, not offered sauces or chop sticks.. very poor customer service experience
  • T
    Terry Paulino
    Great staff... always smiling. This is my favourite place to drive up and grab supper!!