Cornerstone Hall

Banquet Hall

Filled out 70%

Reviews 6

  • C
    Carol Fiorini
    Facilities are good. Layout good in the hall. Stage has screen viewing option. Bartender available for hire. Restrooms clean, bright.
  • G
    Gregg Weir
    Great place to rent a hall in St Albert for an event. Lots of parking and ongoing improvements make it a great choice.
  • S
    Serg P.
    Excellent space. Had a great time.
  • J
    Judy Spencer
    Lots of fun activities and resources for the 55 plus crowd.
  • S
    Steve Godreau
    Versatile space we use as martial arts training dojang.
  • R
    Russ Motiuk
    Very clean, neutral colors, well laid out. Very workable venue. Parking at times a slight challenge but well worth the booking.