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    Dani Brunelle
    I kept hearing how cheap and awesome this store is. As a youth volunteer I needed to purchase a better winter sleeping bag and replace my snow gear for this season. I was prepared to spend enough money to make sure I was outfitted for the year. I walked in and saw that there were 4 people working. No one greeted me. I went to their sleeping bags area and no one assisted me, even after standing there reviewing the sleeping bags for the right one, and checking their website for the products I was interested in, no one assisted me or even greeted me. I went to their winter gear to continue looking at what options I had. Their associates continued to talk about the weekend and their friends. Worst service ever. I think all those working need a lesson on customer service. While others have told me they had a good experience and was able to purchase their needs from that store. I was willing to look past the customer service issues however their limited selection did not provide any of the multiple items I needed. This would be a good store for kids gear though as they were priced competitively.
  • A
    Abubakar Khalid
    Manager has no customer service skills and he is very rude.
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    M. Google
    Mountain Warehouse