Nite Owl

Live Music Venue

Filled out 75%

Reviews 7

  • T
    Tyler Elkink
    Pretty cool place. Good rock atmosphere, great staff. Nice little stage area.
  • A
    A A
    Horrible small place with a bunch of warlocks doing some tribal dancing. Over priced.
  • K
    Kyle G
    I love to dance and they had what I wanted at 3am. :)
  • M
    Mo Ghaleb
    Excellent support for local musicans. Respect!
  • A
    Arvin Louise Agtarap
    Cozy and intimate on the best of times, suffocatingly small at the worst of times.
  • S
    Sean Moreland
    Great staff, excellent live venue.
  • D
    Dane Hanson
    Fantastic place for local electronic music! Great people!