Masala Express

Indian Restaurant

Filled out 80%

Reviews 6

  • S
    Shannon Gallagher-Burt
    Best Indian food in the city! Recommend ordering takeout or delivery.
  • R
    Rene Ortiz
    Love this place! Perfect for take out. The owner is a lovely lady and the food is incredible.
  • F
    Flash Frodo
    This place is a disaster, I am sorry to say that. The floor mat has never been washed, the roof is disgusting, the vegetarian food is the worst I have ever eaten. I went to this place 16yrs ago and after returning back to Canada went there again; I can see there has been no improvement at all. It is deteriorating. I am writing this so that you will change and you need a wake up call. People in Canada are very polite, but that does not mean your facility is good.
  • D
    Doug Spensley
    Great food, ordered online. Chicken Korma was the best. Not much room to eat in, and pretty hot on a sunny day, but perfect for takeout.
  • M
    M56 V89
    Not all that great!. Sorely disappointed. Paneer was frozen in the middle.. Very bland dishes.
  • B
    Bob Balafas
    By far the best Indian food I have had!