Wild Rose Registry

License Bureau

Filled out 70%

Reviews 4

  • A
    Ashley Roorda
    Great staff! Took my road test have pretty bad anxiety with people watching me. My instructor was wonderful. Not too hard on me for mistakes I made. I passed. Would highly recommend!
  • K
    Kaevon Khoozani
    Cannot believe what an excellent experience I just had. Over phone/email had my business registration and details updated within an hour.
  • M
    This registry was great! I took my in-car drivers test there. Very fair. Great quiet neighborhood for the test, I felt very relaxed. The staff working in the registry where actually quite humorous, keeping things light. I didnt have much of a wait time both times I visited. Ive worked in customer service for over 15years, I would recommend this place to anyone.
  • R
    Rami Al-Haddad
    I took my road test in this location, the guy was so professional and the staff were nice and helpful.