The Market at Symons Valley Ranch


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  • P
    Prabhjeet Grewal
    Had heard a lot of this place. Went with family last Sunday and was surprised to see the crowd there. Nearly packed and cool stuff available.
  • K
    Keith Carter
    wonderful booths with Local wares and people are great here! A hidden treasure! we go regularly. Support your local growers!
  • D
    Don Yip
    happened to stop in to take a look in early November. A few vendors there. Will stop in again during the summer to see what is available for fresh produce.
  • R
    Rahul Narang
    Feel really bad about the fire today and this place will be missed. I know the people of this city are fighters and this place will be back soon.
  • S
    Saqib Saeed
    Open year round over the weekend. some very interesting vendors that attract with special items. I nice big hall in the lower level available for gatherings
  • C
    Carlen Ng
    3 stars for this one. I went there for my birthday brunch. the service was good. Sadly they ran out of lobster, so my friend did not get a very good meal. They replaced the lobster with shrimp which was a good idea in theory, the execution was sad. Minimal shrimp that I could not find at all. I am sorry to say that the bathrooms could use a good cleaning. Coffee was mediocre, I got the french toast which was good but very sweet. I shared the breakfast poutine, sadly they forgot the peas in my order which came out looking very sad and not very good. The meat was a bit dry and lacked flavor. The cheese not properly melted into the poutine. I feel like this place has the potential to be a good place to eat out... I would consider going again some other time, but they kinda dropped the ball on my brunch this time.
  • C
    Craig Broadbent
    Support local. This is a fantastic place to meet your farmers or suppliers and really get to know where your food comes from. Fantastic place for the whole family. The owners really know how to take care of customers.