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Medical Clinic

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  • J
    Jme Messina
    My doctor was there, left months ago and she didnt even let me know... so thats not cool but lets hope the new one is better.
  • A
    Akintokunbo Oluwafunmilade Oke
    Very very rude receptionist staff wonder why the admin manager has not replaced them all this while. They are rude both in person and on the phone, pure lack of professionalism.
  • A
    Alex Lakic
    I had very bad experience today.I had an appointment at 10am ,and was there 10.07am because of the traffic jam. I took the morning off from my work. When I got there the receptionist send me home because i was late.I asked her about my blood result, she was rude and told me that Doctor only can read my results, and then she told me i can come back at 11.45am to see the doctor.I called my work to get all day off because of the appointment. I came back at 11;20am to wait for the doctor and then another nurse came to me and told me that DR. will be behind the time and she told me results in the waiting room. I was totally shocked after she told me all about my blood work, how come she can explain everything to me in the waiting room?! And an hour ago I was told the doctor can only tell you your blood results. Whenever I go there the doctor is behind and I have to wait 30-40 minutes to see her. The receptionist so rude, unprofessional.....
  • K
    Kelsey Bedford
    Atleast a 45 minute wait AFTER my booked in time for a ten minute window with my doctor. I get in faster at a walk in clinic